In January, I created a 15-minute play with America’s Theater Company for Austin’s 2009 Frontera Fest Short Fringe.  We received a highly complimentary review from The Decider (The Onion’s arts and culture site).  ‘America’s Theater Company’ is the cheeky name that Ricky Cambier, Hannah Kenah and I have been using when we put up work in Austin.

Since the work is short-form anyway (only about 12 minutes), it’s perfect for Youtube!



America’s Theater Company created a show for Frontera Fest 2008, which was also selected for Best of Fest entitled ‘1+1+1’.  It’s a detective story!



Note:  These videos were all filmed by my good friend Philosophistry!

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2 Responses to “‘A Work of Consequence’ premieres on Youtube!”

  1. Polly says:

    I finally got a chance to watch your play; oh, it was so good! SO GOOD. You guys are the greatest! xo.

  2. cosmocto says:

    More. I want more!


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